Intents Festival 2018

The ultimate celebration

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The Intents Festival is one of the most prominent multi-day dance events in Europe and a well-known concept in the Netherlands and abroad. Intents consists of two full festival days, which is unique for a Dutch dance festival. The Intents festival has already featured many top performers from the hardstyle, hardcore and freestyle scene. The festival is known for its impressive shows. The final show on Saturday, for example, has elements such as light, video, pyrotechnics, lasers and other effects all running in sync with the music. Additionally, Intents does whatever it can to decorate the festival and the various stages and to construct iconic main stages.

Line up

Pre-party (Friday, 1 June 2018)

Unleashed Digital Punk Live, Warface Heavy Artillery, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Digital Punk VS Frequencerz VS Bass Chaserz, Digital Punk VS Adaro VS Myst, Digital Punk VS Hard Driver, Phuture Noize LIVE, Code Black, Keltek, MC Villain, MC Da Syndrome 

Dynamite VS Outrageous! Da Tweekaz, Paul Elstak, N-Vitral, D-Fence, Mandy, MC Syco

Gearbox Digital Aggressive Act LIVE, Ncrypta - From the Shadows LIVE, Thyron, Physika - The Huntsman LIVE, Alex Kidd, Krowdexx VS Bestia, Gearbox Revolutions Showcase, Art Frequency VS Heatwavez, MC Focus

First main day (Saturday, 2 June 2018)

Mainstage - Partymind Angerfist LIVE VS Radical Redemption LIVE, B-Front VS Phuture Noize, B-Front VS Phuture Noize, Coone, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Devin Wild, Frequencerz, Mark With a K, Ran-D LIVE, Sephyx, Sub Zero Project The XPRMNT LIVE, Zatox, MC Villain, MC DV8

Indoor Mainstage - Music Is Timeless Hosted by Radical Redemption & D-Sturb

Radical Redemption & D-Sturb, Minus Militia LIVE, D-Sturb VS Warface, E-Force LIVE, Radical Redemption VS Digital Punk, Hard Driver LIVE, Radical Redemption VS Crypsis, Act of Rage LIVE, D-Sturb VS Sub Sonik, Delete VS Chris One, RVAGE VS MYST, MC Nolz, MC Da Syndrome

Dynamite - It's all in the Game - Hosted by Partyraiser Partyraiser, Partyraiser VS Miss K8, Partyraiser VS Dr. Peacock, Scarphase LIVE, Partyraiser VS Destructive Tendencies VS Bulletproof, Partyraiser VS Mad Dog VS Anime, Nosferatu VS Korsakoff, System Overload VS Repix, Furyan, Furyan, Xardio, Hard Effectz, MC Syco

Outrageous! - Funfair of Madness Da Tweekaz VS Destructive Tendencies, Mental Theo, LNY TNZ, Outsiders VS Steve Sweet, Dr Phunk, Vince, Dr. Rude, Dark-E, Ransom, Orphan, Orphan

Fanaticz - The Ultimate Universe Rebelion VS Malice, Rooler LIVE, Regain LIVE, Deetox VS Clockartz, Unresolved VS Luminite, Requiem VS Killshot, The Opposition, Bass Chaserz, Rejecta, Primeshock, Mind Dimension VS The Purge, The Shade, MC Renegade

Natural Insanity Beach Hosted by Hard Island Darren Styles, Sound Rush, KELTEK, Galactixx VS Jay Reeve, NSCLT VS Ecstatic, NSCLT VS Ecstatic, MickeyG VS Art Frequency, MickeyG VS Art Frequency, Hypnose VS Airtunes, Deenis, MC DL

Bavaria Karnaval Festival Feestcafé Snollebollekes, Lamme Frans, Jeroen van Zelst, Dj Bart

Boombox - Circus of Insanity Denza, Emphasis, Bestia, Code-E & Unrestrained, Scabtik, No-Nonsense & Ceazar, The Z., Aztech, Exhilarate, Slagerij Janssen, Outlaw, MC Barricade

Second main day (Sunday, 3 June 2018)

Mainstage - Partymind

Atmozfears VS Devin Wild, Blademasterz LIVE, Da Tweekaz VS Sub Zero Project, Warface VS Delete VS E-Force, D-Sturb LIVE, Mental Theo, Public Enemies LIVE, Radical Redemption VS Regain, Rebelion LIVE, Roughstate, Sound Rush VS Adrenalize, MC Da Syndrome, MC Villain

Indoor Mainstage Hosted by FVCK GENRES by LNY TNZ LNY TNZ, Lil Kleine, Jebroer, Dyna, Tony Junior, Cesqeaux, Snollebollekes, Ruthless, Crisis Era, Ransom LIVE, Le Boy, Roy Dest

Dynamite - It's all in the Game - Hosted by Destructive Tendencies Destructive Tendencies VS Angerfist, Destructive Tendencies VS Partyraiser, Dr. Peacock LIVE, N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD LIVE, D-Fence, Destructive Tendencies VS DRS VS Angernoizer, Destructive Tendencies VS Tha Playah, Destructive Tendencies VS Unexist, Deadly Guns, Tears of Fury VS Bodyshock, MC Tha Watcher

Outrageous! Paul Elstak, Mark With a K, Korsakoff VS Bass-D, Zany VS DJ The Prophet, Dana, Pat B LIVE, Rob & MC Joe, Lowriderz, Rät N Frikk, Rät N Frikk, Vlaz & MC Mission, MC Alee

Relive - The Ultimate Universe D-Block & S-te-Fan, Donkey Rollers LIVE, Donkey Rollers LIVE, 2-Sidez, Josh & Wesz, Avio LIVE, Davide Sonar, The Z. VS Jones, NSCLT, NSCLT, MC Dv8

Natural Insanity Beach hosted by Groovesum Robert Feelgood, Emas, Nouveaubeats, Syben Ray, Syben Ray, Gathier, Mr. Bermuda, Donald on Sax

Bavaria Karnaval Festival Feestcafé Henk Dissel, Raymon Hermans, Raymon Hermans, Marco Kraats, Tommy Santo

Boombox - Circus of Insanity NSCLT, Orphan, 2Faced, PRDX, TWSTD, The Shade VS Crypton, Alles & Iedereen, Synfinity, Saphera, MC RG

Onbesuisd Freddy Moreira, Johnny 500, Yung Felix, Diaz & Bruno, Team Rush Hour, Nafthaly Ramona, Daisy, De Lievelings DJ's van je Zusje, Thornballin'


Location: Sportpark d'n Donk, Sportlaan 10 5062 JK Oisterwijk (Netherlands)
Dates: 1. July 2018 (pre-party),  2. - 3. July 2018 (main festival dates)


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What is the age limit?
The age limit is 18+, however if you’re born in the year 2000 or earlier, you can attend Intents Festival. Those born in 2001 or later will have to wait a bit longer.

When and how will I receive my ticket?
GoNParty team will arrive at the IntentsCity camping entrance before the official opening (Friday, 13:00) and personally deliver you your Festival ticket.

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